Thursday, 1 March 2012

I really have to up date this more.

So that commission I did a while back is featured in a nice little YouTube video. Cafe Chill is an ongoing client and I will hopefully be collaborating with them again soon.

One of my recent collage assignments was particularly awesome in it's concept. We were given a list of songs that had a narrative to choose from. I went with "Me and Bobby McGee" by the ever tragically cool Janis Joplin.

So what follows is my sketch of the page, followed by my inks and topped off with colouring pencil. I'm quite proud of the end result while simultaneously disappointed that I have yet to establish a solid work ethic. This, like the previous assignments was done at very much the 11th hour so doesn't really live up to it's potential.

By the gods I will strive to act like a professioh my god Angry Beavers is on Netflix!

 And here's the pencil to ink stages cause I'm still learning to do short posts. Due to time constraints there are no sketches for the last three pages.



R.I.P Janis.

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