Friday, 23 December 2011

Botanical Studies

Artists statement

For this assignment on botanical studies I will be investigating compositions dealing with ivy and other creeping plants. The theme of this series will deal with the cycle of decay and reclamation by nature. 

To affect this theme, my compositions with show ivy and other plants growing in, around and on man made objects and structures. A depth of field will also serve to draw the viewer in and achieve a sense of journey which equates to the passage of time. The compositions will attempt to replicate spirals and circles to ground the image in the theme  of life cycles.

The environment will be a garden and broken down walls and houses. When a house is left vacant, inevitably plant life will seek to occupy the area. Even in a house that has residents, man battles to keep order and standardization on that which is in essence natural chaos.

While these environments are outside of the botanical gardens, they none the less are applicable to location of study. The Botanical Gardens is the embodiment of striving to impose control over the natural progression of nature.


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